Good Painting makes a life worth living

Pam’s works: https://www.facebook.com/PamOzeryArt/

A good painting is a painting always changing. Pam Ozery would paint over a painting again and again untill it was ready. Ready to be painted over and over again. she was born in England, lived in Israel and then in Canada. She was around when I was born back in the desert in an isolated town called Arad. We had a good connection as our family’s where friends untill they left. I met up with her again a few years ago. I saw her husband and children and later her grandchildren. It was during the summer of 2010 or when was it? I went to Canada for a visit, don’t ask me what I was looking for there. I spent with the Ozery’s a few days and then some more. Yechiel (All), her husband, took me to see some woods and she took me to her studio. We painted together and talked a bout art and life. She became a friend again and in a way so did the rest of her family.

Art is a hard subject to judge because it is a reflection of what it is we have managed to forget. It is an outcome of what we have managed to overcome and transform in to spirit. Spirit as in a state with sense and once experienced always wanting to be free to refill, remake, redo. That is how Pam painted. She would stand in front of her work and try to continue without caring for what had been achieved. She understood the action as a cycle and thus her paintings are a symbol of her turning in/out. The shades and the shapes that her paintings show are the outcome of the path she managed to transform and then forget.

Why forget?

Because she is gone and since her death every thing that connects to her is as if forgotten from her life, her experience; her self. The past, since her death, is absent from her future when she was alive but her work remembers. her work is tremendous in its truth-telling and depth pointing. Her colours are still but her hand is moving.

Ok…Not easy to understand especially because I am trying to say words about something that is just there.

check out for your self:


I have to admit I don’t think I got to know who Pam really was in connection to her daily life but through her work I got to know the art with which I am struggling with day in day out. Thank you Pam for your paintings and friendship and ,as you now don’t remember, for giving me two canvases painted thick to paint over which I did. The best part in them is the sides of the canvas where your marks lie but also the depth that the work has thanks to your love.

the first canvass painted over.


The second one. (the white is a light reflecting from the canvas). As if to say that chance bright’s up when abandoned in a forgotten action. Pam collapsed one day and died without notice. she died a year ago. I remember the last time we spoke on the phone.

my work over her work

Last thing, she asked to hear some of my music and I sent her some c.ds. She used to paint listening to them and told me once that she could see dancing to my music. I want to believe her.

On my next post I will present these pieces of music together with two other still living friends, God bless’Em.