music lessons and the art of theraputic improvisation

Recently i made a recording with a student of mine. He is a painter and works as a cook. Our saxophone lessons reached a pause right after the recording was made. I was aware of that possibility at the time and am very greatfull for the time we did spend together. Thank you Itay.

On the last lesson Itay came in a down/low mood as he admited it him self. On my part i had planed to make a recording with him as an assignment for school (i am a student for music therapy in hiafa uni). I cant remember how we started but I will present the recording and would like to state a few points that will deepen an understanding as to my grasp of the theraputic process and mainly its manifestation through music, for now.

First i ask you to be patient and listen to the end (5.57) as the piece holds a great development. At first it sounds rough and we two are looking for clues as to what and why we are doing what it is that we are doing, as i hear it. Since i was aware that motivation was low and this was not an agreed up on therapy session i immediately made contact, musicaly. I kept trying to make the conection and at 3.02 i make it; Itay is just about to break in to another expressive out burst and i cut him off with a calm and dominant sugesting tone ( two notes) and he is listening. He then starts a slow and low melody and I spring up to propel above him. I see it as a movment in two paralel lines which functions in an oposing and suporting roles. I cary on hoping itay will not break and keep his ground which he does. At 4.09 we switch and he makes a quantome leap in his sound projection. notice that his alto sound ( i am on soprano) becomes clear and warm. He is emotionally in a diferent world, a transparent and uplifting world, at least for a moment. but wait, at 5.27 he makes his transition in to the other side; as we both are prepairing to land he bursts in to a beautiful and soulfull line that includes a high pitch with ambellishments from overtone efects. the quality of the sound is angelic and reminds me of Archie Schepp’s sound which i have found my self imitating in the past. ( The fraze ends and we end it.

the recording:

comments and questions are welcomed.

4 saxophones in improvisation

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