the world is round

high beneath the stars

storms are rising

as the sun is set in stone

flowers grow along the sky line

that emerges from inside

giving scent of solid ground

the vast truth like air

is now at reach

but to be left alone due to times request

belonging has passed

bleeding darkness and breathing light

the deep-sea is drowning

in its own reflecting insight

the world is round

the world is round

the world is round


The World Is Round

the world is round the world is round back

I wrote this text many years ago and recorded it in Holland (2002) together with Peter Sterk on analog synthesizer and Deon Dieleman as our recording engineer. we recorded the peace at Philemon Mukarno’s studio who is a unique composer living in Holland

The words and music describe what I felt was happening to me at the time and still. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone and find that emptiness and truth walk hand in hand. I feel blessed and cursed at the same time.

I got to Holland in order to get away  but also to study music. In Rotterdam I found a school to take me on. In school I met two other friends, Mikael and Lars from Norway. They are musicians/composers and were real inspiration to my development and good friends. Over the years I have lost contact with most of my friends while moving from place to place in search of something; it is my identity, my place in the world, the truth, the reason for the holocaust and god.

In my search I reached Poland, Cracow.

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