from the big bang to the event

is the name i gave to a performance i did in Krakow, Poland at the Galicia Museum in 2005, together with Jacek Holuboski on accordion and my self on soprano sax and voice. Jacek I met through Improvising artists while I was living in Krakow (Rafal Mazur , Marek Holoniewski , tomek Holoniewski and more) we started working together on the project which was built from a few of my compositions and one known song (אבינו מלכינו) . The written material was used to creat a starting point on which the improvisation would be based on like in a jazz setting where there is a head or melody and then followed by improvisation on the form of the song. we also worked on different improvisational angles for the different pieces and I must state that Jacek was the best of friends and musicians dealing with my work and person. he gave me support and ground to wander off and have a safe ground to return to.

the following piece was first called Impressions of Auschwitz. it uses Primo Levi’s number from the camps and Imre Kertesz’s number’ too. 174517 is translated in to an E major scale (E ,D# ,A ,B ,E ,D#) and 64921 in to a Eb sus 6/9 (C ,Ab ,F ,F , Eb). the different modalities creat together an A harmonic minor scale (A , B ,C ,Eb ,E ,F ,Ab) with #4. it actually sounds very eastern and we use it as a base for work.

during my time in krakow and poland i met some fine people whom i love and remember dearly although i have lost contact with most of them.

presenting 174517 and 64921:

gilad and jacek auschwitz

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